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Our Web Positioning Services Build Awareness Around Your Product

On-Page SEO

Taking a website to the top of Google’s search results is a mission that starts with the website itself. In other words, one needs to work on every aspect of the website so that it meets all of the requirements and adheres to Google’s rules and updates.

One of the starting points in this manner is on-page SEO. This part of SEO refers to all measures which can be taken directly on the website in order to improve its position in the search rankings. These include the site’s speed, responsiveness, navigation, structure as well as specific elements into it (meta titles, meta descriptions, image alt tags etc.)

Whether you have a blog, a corporate website or an online (eCommerce) store, on-page SEO is fundamental for all websites. Even though it is complex, it does really pay off in the long run.

At SE.Agency, we employ the best designers, developers, programmers and copywriters who know on-page SEO by heart and will do best to keep your website optimized to the maximum.

Analytical SEO

Analytics are important for every business – and not just for online marketing. They basically involve studying all of the numbers and data in order to make better decisions. If you have a company, you probably know this – just like you know that data is everywhere around us and using it is important nowadays.

With our SEO analytics services, you can study your competitors, see what they are doing and how you can (better) compete against them. You can learn how to make the best decisions at all times and what to focus on in every aspect of your website. Just like standard analytics help in the real world, SEO analytics will show you how many visitors landed on your website, how many came from Google and how long they stayed on a specific page (and many other details).

SE.Agency is an expert Google SEO Analytics agency that knows how to analyze your website in depth – and in any sector which you want to position. Aside from the current analytics which can help your business, we will also identify potential opportunities for growth and strategic placement of your content.

Geolocal SEO & Marketing

Geolocal, or geolocalized SEO, is another complex part of the puzzle called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you have a physical business and want to increase your clientele and get more customers from the local area, then it is the perfect service for you.

Basically, the revolution for geolocal SEO started when Google included locations in the searches. In the past, businesses were competing for keywords in all parts of the world. Nowadays, the best way to get closer to your customers through online searches is through Geolocalized SEO.

In times when most of the Google searches come from mobile devices, the platform has made use of the geolocator found in these devices – helping users to locate the businesses they are searching for on a map. Therefore, when someone searches for “best restaurant” – the best restaurant near them appears in the search results. The same happens in different cities and even different neighborhoods of the same city!

As you can imagine, the world of geolocal SEO is quite new. However, now is the right time to dive in it and engage with the local clientele!

SEO Content Writing

They say that content is king in the online space. Nowadays, it has to be the kingdom.

Content creation and management are of massive importance for SEO and the overall reputation that a business has in the online space. Google is consuming content in high volumes nowadays. And if you want your content to be relevant and seen online, you need to make sure that it has everything it takes for Google to notice it.

Creating optimized content, however, is not easy. You have to understand how the Google algorithm works and be aware of the 200+ rules that it has for crawling through texts, reading them and deciding on how to rank each. Most importantly, you have to know how to strategically place the information so that your text can appear in the search results.

Our copywriting experts at SE.Agency know what it takes to create stunning content. Informative, unbiased and relevant are some of the ways to describe our content and how it helps our clients dominate the first pages. Having professional content creation teams, we are versed in every industry and niche and can help you keep your website up to date with regular and fresh content updates.

Our advanced SEO optimization services are the perfect answer for ranking high and taking your web pages to the first results of search in Google. We literally go the extra mile to make sure that your content has everything to rank higher and get instant traction.

In times when there are more than 63,000 searches every second, Google is the king of information. So, do you really want to miss the opportunity to appear in any of these searches?

Web Positioning

Bring qualified traffic to your site and maximize your ROI

Our advanced SEO services are here for a reason. They help websites rank higher and dominate markets.

With our unique positioning services, your site may appear in the first search results for any keywords that are relevant to your business. When users search for those words, they will instantly see your page and eventually click on it.

This will result in more than just impressions – and help you bring more customers, land more sales and grow your profits.

Do you want to rank on the first page of Google?