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We create professional web design solutions that set your business apart from the competition

Corporate Websites

Corporate websites need to be informative, functional and unique. If you need one to properly illustrate your expertise on the Internet, we are here to help you. We will adapt to the image of your brand and design a stunning website that is unique from every angle. In times when there are just too many websites that look the same, we are here to convey your message in a different way.

The end result is a website that makes your company known on the market, builds authority for you and makes it easier to get new customers, recruit staff and attract investors that are interested in business opportunities. By engaging in a continuous communication with you, our Montreal web designers will adapt to the style of your business and your company in general.

The result of our web design work is always excellent. After all, we don’t set for anything below pure excellence.

Landing Pages

If you don’t know what a landing page is, it’s simple. It is a page of a website that has only one goal – to entertain, inform and educate your visitors before they convert into potential customers, opt-in to your email list or perform any other call to action (CTA) set by you.

Whether you are looking to attract more subscribers to your email list, get more sales on a specific product or promote your services in an informative way, a landing page can help you achieve all of these results. Generating good landing pages may be complicated because of their design, buttons and forms – but we have the recipe to success. By maintaining consistency and relevance, we will ensure that your landing page looks – and performs – just like you want it.

Once you give us the general idea for this page, we will work to achieve the results and independently create a landing page that aligns to your needs and goals.

Online Store (eCommerce)

Ecommerce web design is one of the most difficult areas of web design in general. In general, online shops have hundreds to thousands of products which is why they may be time-consuming and complicated. From creation down to optimization, our team of expert web designers can ensure that your online shop is created in a consistent way, employing all of the elements and design principles needed for it to perform well and rank higher in the search engine results.

With SE.Agency, you can have an online shop that is fast, functional and meant to multiply sales each and every day and month. In addition to this, we will make sure that your online store is more than just a typical eCommerce website. With our personal touch, we will make sure that it has elegant design, solid navigation as well as a blog where you can publish content and optimize it accordingly.

All of this translates to a functional online (eCommerce) store that works like a clock – helping you sell more products and land more buyers every day.

Email Marketing

Even though email marketing is something that is commonly overlooked nowadays, it is still an essential part of the entire puzzle called online marketing.Known as one of the best direct ways to convert prospects into customers, email marketing is something you should definitely consider in your strategy. At SE.Agency, we pride ourselves on our email marketing design services. And this involves everything that has to do with the process of communicating with your customers through email.

From the initial concept phase to the actual design of the different forms, we will help you collect emails of your potential clients and convey messages. Design-wise, we use the best templates for the emails with unified elements, buttons and sections for your text.

All of this will ensure that you have the perfect communication platform which lets you build relationships with your subscribers (and potential customers). If you do well, you can increase your email marketing list into a greater amount of sales and final customers.

Our web design services focus on the following:

1. Appearance: Besides its performance and speed, every website should be aesthetic and look good. This is the main thing that entices your visitors to engage with your business – and makes them comfortable to subscribe, buy or contact you.

2. Navigability: We focus on creating a solid structure for your website which makes it easy to navigate, load fast, be intuitive and optimized across all devices and platforms. In short, everything that prevents the user from getting lost or uncomfortable in any possible way. 

Web Design

Having a professional website is not a privilege – it is a common need. It is also the only way that ensures success in the modern online marketplace.

If you think that your website does not look as good as it should, you are not the only one. In fact, 90% of the Internet pages are having the same problems. And if you are not that good at design or don’t know where to start, you are in the right place.

At SE.Agency, we know the most complicated issues that website owners are facing nowadays – and know what it takes to improve the appearance of your website. All you need to do to make that happen is contact us today.

Let’s talk about your web design needs