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Find out what we can do in terms of Online Marketing

Google AdWords

One of the best ways to get traffic and, therefore, sales and customers from the first moment, is through paid advertising. This is a more short-term method than SEO, but it is essential to achieve good initial growth.

In the long run, you are more interested in appearing in the top positions of Google for free. But, until that happens (and sometimes even after that happens), you need to be present in advertising campaigns.

And the best way to advertise on the Internet is through Google AdWords. With this system, when a person performs a Google search related to your business, you will appear in first position … Even when you have not yet done SEO! On the other hand, display advertising will help you generate a better brand image, because your ads will appear in many websites throughout the network.

Content Marketing

Finally, we also have a Content Marketing service to offer you. And is that, in these times, if you want to create a great brand image (and a very low price in the long term), it is essential that you do content marketing.

In our SEO services you have already seen that we offer different SEO-oriented content creation services. This service is based on this idea, but takes it to the next level.

With our Content Marketing service, you will have new content on your website periodically, which will position in search engines, but also serve to educate your visitors, and gradually direct them towards the purchase of your products.

And, as it is an investment that should only be made once but that gains authority in the eyes of Google as time goes by, you will notice a cumulative effect that will make you earn a lot more within a year than within a month.

Affiliation systems

Another excellent way to get sales is through an affiliate system. And this should be understood in two different directions: You can affiliate with a large company, or you can allow others to affiliate with you.

By affiliating with a large company, you will be able to make a greater amount of profit on your website (for example, you can sell Amazon products and get a commission for each sale).

By allowing others to affiliate with you, you will be able to achieve a large amount of sales without having to be the direct salesperson. Other people will take care of the promotion in exchange for you paying them a commission. And, yes, we are able to implement both types of systems on your website. Whether you want to monetize your website more effectively, or have third parties sell your products and services, we can help you.


Email Marketing

One last service we offer in our area of web design is the design of Email Marketing. And this includes everything that has to do with the process of communicating with customers through email. That is to say, we take care of the design of the different forms with which you will be able to collect the emails of your potential clients, the confirmation pages and, of course, the templates for the emails.

With this, you can have a means of direct contact with many of your visitors, and go working a relationship with them that, if you do well (and we can help you do well), can translate into a greater amount of sales and final customers.

Not in vain, Email Marketing is, nowadays, one of the best ways to convert prospects into customers, with an effectiveness rate that usually exceeds 10%.

It is true that being at the top of search engines can be 80% of what attracts visitors to a website, but … What happens to that other 20%? Doesn’t it matter? Of course it matters!

And that’s why we offer this specialized online marketing service, where we address other areas that will allow you to achieve a greater amount of traffic and sales, as well as contribute to better communication with your users.

And is that, if you are better than your competition in SEO, but they surpass you in advertising, content marketing, social networks and any other aspect … Your victory will be Pyrrhic!

Online Marketing

We design an Online Marketing strategy according to your objectives

This (both our standard web positioning service and our advanced positioning service) is usually enough to position in Google and occupy the first position for a large number of keywords.

This, of course, will allow you to get a large number of visits in the medium-long term, and with it, a sustained and lasting increase in customers over time. However, that may not be enough for you.

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