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We specialize in brand strategy, development and design solutions

Below, you can see our graphic design services in detail – and explore the different options that suit your brand, industry and niche.

Corporate Identity: Design & Management

To many, corporate identity design is an old-fashion term, which is why it is often misunderstood and under-communicated. However, corporate identity is probably the most essential part of our graphic design service here at SE.Agency. Our commitment for every project runs deep and reflects a basic truth of creativity.

Corporate identity is the first impression that a business makes to its customers. That is why it is essential to success. Through insight and strategic thinking, we guide ourselves to interesting creative outcomes which elevate brands. We will design logos, banners, add distinctive imagery, visuals and elements which all engage and encourage your audiences.

Whether your corporate identity is looking aged or you don’t have it at all, it is never too late to be the type of brand you always wanted to be. Our designers at SE.Agency are here to ensure that your brand communications remain on track – and on message.

Editorial Design & Print

Not every company needs editorial design. If you need it, you should know that your graphic designers at SE.Agency have the necessary equipment to cover all of your needs. Editorial design is mostly needed in businesses with physical section – as one of the main promotional elements.

Just like our corporate identity design service, we put editorial content at the heart of the creative process. This helps us establish your brand, create, implement and augment your campaigns through an integrated and content-focused approach.

For example, if you have an online store which also sells the products in a physical (offline) store, it is logical that you need some promotional catalogs. Similarly, if you have a publishing house and a website, you’ll want a design service for your physical books.

There are just too many situations when editorial design is needed and essential. That is why and how we are able to offer it to you and how it can help you succeed and elevate your branding.

BTL advertising design

BTL, or Below-The-Line advertising, refers to all types of non-mass advertising. In other words, it is a strategy where products are promoted in media other than mainstream radio, television, billboards, print and film formats. The main types of BTL advertising include direct mail campaigns, trade shows, catalogs as well as targeted search engine marketing (SEM).

Known as less expensive and more focused than other approaches, BTL advertising is a great way to segmentate your ads and capture the attention of specific groups of people.

This way, you can create unique promotions for every message, substantially improve your designs and spread your message in the right way.

Digital advertising design

Every website needs digital advertisements in order to attract more visitors. Consistent, in line with your messaging and detail-oriented, they work in the same way as spreading the word for your business.

One example of digital ads is Facebook Ads. When you are creating a Facebook ad, you are prompted to add an image. But why use any image – when you can get an image designed specifically for your ad?

The goal of digital ads is to be simple, distinctive and with call to action. With good designs, adapted to the type of target you are attracting, you will be able to better capture the attention of that person, and substantially improve your results. SE.Agency can design digital ads for your business that spark interest and boost your online presence.

First impressions matter.

Finding the best graphic design agency in Montreal should always start with finding someone who understands your business and the unique challenges around it. We will take the time to listen to your needs and create the right branding and message for your target audience.

As you can see, we specialize in creating awesome branding strategies and visual identities. Whether you are a new startup or a thriving business, we know how to create your branding from scratch or update it to reflect your business and make your brand known. All of this will help you create a corporate image that remains engraved in the minds of your potential customers.

Graphic Design

Our specialized graphic design services are perfect for clients who want to promote themselves online and in physical environments (print, editorials etc.).

In times when graphic design is more than just popular for the success of a brand, we are here to create outstanding designs and print at the most affordable prices. By using the latest technologies and following the latest trends, our designers have an eye for detail and know how to effectively communicate your unique value proposition.

We can adjust all of the aspects of your corporate identity – and provide you with a new brand, a conceptual or visual logo, graphic design elements as well as continuous business packages (brochures, envelopes, docket books and other print materials) that your business needs. Together, we will create a strong corporate identity and help you build authority!

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