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About Our Agency

As one of the most trusted professional SEO agencies in Montreal, Canada – we pride ourselves on helping businesses create websites and amplify them with the best online marketing strategies. We have improved rankings for hundreds of clients and helped to increase their leads, build authority, improve their web visibility and provide measurable results.

With an expert team of SEO consultants, content copywriters and creatives, we continuously boost the results of websites resulting in organic rankings, improved visibility on the search engines, naturally earned links, positive reputation and obviously, a high ROI. If you are overwhelmed by the variety of services that you need to achieve such results, don’t worry…With us, you are in the best hands!

Below we are listing the different aspects of our expertise, all in order to get a better idea on everything that our SEO agency has to offer.

Our Approach

We know that you have a great business and provide incredible products and/or services. But we also know that you need the right approach to grow your business online and make your products/services more visible and reachable by your target audience. This is where our approach comes in, best described through the following…


The main goal of SEO is to know where you are heading and do everything to increase your website’s visibility. We have that knowledge and are able to monitor traffic, adapt to new trends and changes and institute targeted improvements to drive your website further up in the search results.


Our professionals have decades of combined industry experience in web design, SEO and marketing in general. We know what it takes to take a business off the ground and deliver actionable strategies for growth and visibility. This is how we have built our solid reputation in Montreal and the surrounding areas.


Our passion is shown through our actions and everything that we do. Whether it is to serve our clients or commit to improving ourselves, we always go the extra mile in everything that we do. At the end of the day, real obsession is what motivates us and pushes us forward for reaching new goals.

Our Team

This is the team you need to grow your website and take your online business to the next level.

Jorge Vanegas
Jorge Vanegas Creative Director
Web Design – Prestashop – WordPress 100%
Web Development – Html/ Css / Php / Java 100%
Graphic Design 100%
Carolina Ardila
Carolina ArdilaDigital Marketing Specialist
Digital Marketing Strategies 100%
SEO – SEM – SMM 100%
Eric Guerrero
Eric GuerreroSEO Specialist
SEO – SEM – SMM 100%
Advanced SEO 100%
Daniela Suarez
Daniela SuarezMarketing Specialist - Social Media
Digital Marketing Strategies 100%
Community Manager 100%
Nelson Espinosa
Nelson Espinosa Web Developer
Web Design WordPress 100%
Web Development Html/ Css / Php / Java 100%
Vivian Ardila
Vivian Ardila Content Management
Content Management 100%
Hugo Torres
Hugo TorresWeb Developer
Web Design WordPress 100%
Web Development Html/ Css / Php / Java 100%
Elizabeth Diaz
Elizabeth Diaz Content Management
Content Management 100%
RedactoresTeam Editors Content
SEO Content 100%
Jenny Reyes
Jenny ReyesGraphic Design
Corporate Graphic Design – Digital 100%
Web Design WordPress 100%
Ana Maria Martinez
Ana Maria MartinezGraphic Design
Corporate Graphic Design – Digital 100%
Web Design WordPress 100%
Carolina Torres
Carolina TorresCommunity Manager
Community Manager 100%

Contact us today and find out why we are different from the other agencies and how we are going to help your business grow online.

P.S. We love talking to potential clients!